A Shiksa (Shikse) is a girl or woman who is not Jewish and/or a Jewish girl or woman whose attitudes and behavior are felt to resemble those of a gentile.
I always thought that Gentile was synonymous with Christian but have recently learned that it means Non-Jew, and generally not in a good way :)

Anyway, Shiksa is clearly a fun word and This Shiksa has decided to play with it to fill a void in the world of travel. If you ever planned an independent trip to Israel you know exactly what I'm talking about: information is limited and difficult to trust. And that's where I come in.

Why trust me? I've spend the past few months researching and planning a trip to Israel. I've contacted luxury hotels, kibbutzim, trendy restaurants, and falafel stands. (Okay, I haven't actually contacted a falafel stand, but I do know a few I want to try). Next month I will test my research with the help of my companion, Captain Super Jew (CSJ).

CSJ and I (the Shiksa in Israel) will travel from Sea to Shining Sea - Red, Dead, Med and Galilee - and will report back so that you who wish to explore beyond the tour bus will have a sense of what you're getting into.

One more thing, in case it wasn't clear, I'm not a hater (and if I am I swear I equally hate everyone).
This is not a political site. If I think something is good, it's not because it has a particular affiliation, it's because it's good. And good means: delicious, clean, not scary, fun, fair-priced, and makes me happy.

Thanks for checking in. Stay tuned for copious amounts of invaluable information, likely to be presented in excruciating detail.